project | 06 August 2020

The Yelli Pages

The officially unofficial student-run newsletter of Srishti

Srishti is a loosely bound student-community and because we are spread across different campuses and working with so many different people, it is hard to have a common platform where everyone can interact. When we were in 2020 v1, I got together with three of my very talented friends; Harshita C, Manasvini SN and Anvay Sudame to create The Yelli Pages (as Yelahanka is fondly called). Our unofficial official student-run newsletter for students and faculty at Srishti.

The newsletter was a self-hosted Wordpress blog that I set up within a week. Four of us decided on the look, language and format of the newsletter and sent out a signup form the next week. It was a resounding success. Within two days, we hit 350 subscribers. People loved the idea!

The newsletter was released fortnightly and contained student projects, facilitator columns, reading from around the web and our own series of comics made by Anvay. The four of us spent approximately 4 hours every week working on the next issue of the newsletter. We received a number of columns on diverse topics written by the faculty and student submissions as well.

After 8 issues, 500+ subscribers and almost 6 months of keeping it going, we had to stop operations because of a lack of time, but the website lives on.

This was a great experience in managing and working in a team, Wordpress development, social media management and creative writing.