Visualizing crop data from around the world

A microsite exploring the tidytuesday/2020/w36 dataset with d3.js

The Data

The data from the Our World in Data contains many interesting datasets on crop yields and land use from around the world. This data is sourced from reports published by the FAO 1960 onwards. I chose three such reports to explore and visualise with D3.js

Section 1
Crop yields across the world

This map plots key crop yields across the world between 1961 and 2018. Toggle between crop types to see how their yields have changed over time.

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1961 2018

Section 2 Land Used for Cereal Production

The amount of land being used to cultivate cereal has been changing over time. This map shows the change in land used for cereal production between 1961 and 2018. Darker colors represent less land being used and lighter colors represent an increase. All changes are shown relative to the previous year, starting from 1961.

Section 3
Land use per kilogram of food product

How much square meters of land is being used to produce each food product? Meat is the most resource intensive, while vegetables and fruits are the least.